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Software Credits


We build our software using:

The Apache web server
The PHP scripting language
The PHPLIB library
An extensible PHP-based authentication/sessions library
The Smarty PHP template library
A caching template library to isolate PHP code and HTML markup
The Python scripting language
The Tcl/Tk scripting language
The Perl language
Other resources at the Perl Directory
The MySQL database
The AceDB database
An object-oriented database for genetics
W-Agora Forum software
Based on PHP and MySQL
AWStats log analyzer
Written in Perl
Slackware Linux
The OpenBSD operating system
The Sun Solaris environment
[The Apache web server]

[The PHP scripting language]

[The PHPLIB library]

[The Smarty PHP template library]

[The Python scripting language]

[The Tcl/Tk scripting language]

[The Perl language]

[The MySQL database]

[The AceDB database]

[W-Agora Forum software]

[AWStats log analyzer]

[Slackware Linux]

[The OpenBSD operating system]

[The Sun Solaris environment]

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